This is a repository for HOWTO documentation for users of the CCIS computing environment maintained by the Systems group. You are encouraged to comment on our documentation, either to leave suggestions to help us improve it, to ask questions about the material that we haven’t answered in the HOWTO, or to clarify things for other readers of the HOWTO. You will need to log in to this site using your CCIS credentials to leave comments.

If you have other questions or requests, or suggestions for topics on which you think a HOWTO is necessary, please send mail to
Mail to is checked many times a day by all Systems staff members, and that’s the way we expect requests to come in. If you have an urgent question or need some timely action, that’s the right way to contact us. Comments on our HOWTO documents are a way to participate in a more public discussion and provide information that others can see, but they aren’t a quick way to get help.

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