How to sign up for a CCIS account

by Christopher Allison on June 13, 2011

Last updated September 12, 2014

To request a CCIS account, you must run the “CCIS Account Program.” To do so you may:

  • Browse to and run the program there.
  • OR Walk up to any Linux computer in the College (most of these computers can be found in room 102 West Village H), type “account” for both the Username and Password at the “Login” prompt, and run the program that way.
  • OR Connect via SSH to and log in as “account” with password “account”. If you don’t have access to an ssh client, you can connect to with a Java-capable browser, and launch the ssh client java applet hosted there. (Though if you’re going this route, you’re probably better off just using as mentioned above.)

(Note: You only need to use ONE of the above options!)

Regardless of which method you choose above, you’ll be talking to the same Account Program. It will ask you for your real name, requested account name, password, and other information. You will also have to agree to our Acceptable Use Policy. Answer all the questions correctly and, when asked, type “YES” to agree to the AUP.

If you do not run the account program, we can not create your account!

Once you have completed the above process, please allow two business days for us to process your request. That’s it! (Note: In addition to the above, computer-based steps, requesting a CCIS Account used to also require completing and signing a paper form. The paper form step has been eliminated! To sign up for an account, just follow the computer-based instructions above. If you have trouble doing so, please do not submit one of the old paper forms. Instead: Send email to explaining the nature of your problem, or drop by 310 WVH and we’d be happy to help you in person!)

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Page Credit: William Furr, for pointing out that this information was not documented on HOWTO. Thank you, William!