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The CCIS Lists

CCIS automatically maintains several large mailing lists for communicating with the graduate and undergraduate students who have accounts on our systems. This document describes how to:

  • unsubscribe from those lists
  • send to them
  • deal with problems you may have with them.

Unsubscribing From A CCIS Student Distribution List

[color-box]You have been subscribed to this list because CCIS needs a way to communicate College-related information to you. Some of this information is crucial to your academic and co-op career at CCIS. Active students in the College should not unsubscribe from this list. Please think very carefully before unsubscribing.[/color-box]
Our distribution lists are recreated nightly from the list of active accounts. There are two ways to stop receiving mail for these lists:

  1. Account expiration – If you are no longer a student at CCIS, you can ask to have your account removed from our system (if you no longer need it). Please send mail to for this option.
  2. Turn off list mail receipt – Our list server allows you to turn of mail receipt. You will remain on the list but will not receive mail. The rest of this section describes how to turn off mail receipt.

To turn off mail receipt, please go to one of these links:

Grad Students
Undergraduate Majors


  1. Enter your CCIS email address at the bottom of the page where it says
    “To unsubscribe from Under/Grad-dist, get a password reminder…”. Choose (Unsubscribe or edit options)
  2. Choose the (REMIND) option. (do not choose Unsubscribe – we generate this list every night so you will automatically be re-subscribed if you do). A password will then be emailed to your CCIS account.
  3. Enter that password and choose (Log in).
  4. About halfway down the page there is a Mail Delivery option. Set that to Disabled and then choose (Submit My Changes) at the bottom of the page.

Sending To A CCIS Student Distribution List

[color-box]Sending to these lists is strictly controlled to prevent spam and other unsolicited mail from being sent to our users. Only faculty members, College staff and designated student representatives are allowed to send mail to these lists.[/color-box]
Mail to these lists must be sent from a CCIS address from one of the allowed account types listed above. If you feel your mail was rejected in error, please contact

Problems With The CCIS Student Distribution Lists

Still receiving mail when you tried to unsubscribe?
Each night we auto-regenerate our lists from our records of active student accounts. If you tried to unsubscribe (vs. turn off mail receipt as instructed above) you will be re-added to the list each evening. Please see our instructions above on how to stop receiving mail.

Not receiving mail when you think you should be getting it?
Assuming your CCIS mail is working fine, there are a couple of reasons why you may not be getting mail for your student type:

  1. Your mail bounced too many times – Our list server keeps track of mail bounces. If your mail was returned with an error too many times mail receipt to your address is automatically disabled. To turn mail back on for your address after fixing the bounce problem please use our unsubscribe instructions above but choose “Enable” for Mail Receipt.
  2. Your account type is not correct – Our lists are generated from our current student records. Your account must be listed as the right student type to be subscribed to that mailing list. If your account type is not correct in our system (e.g. if you started out as a student taking classes in our College but became a major, we may not have that transition properly recorded) you will not be added. Please send mail to if you think this is the case.

Mail going to the wrong address or getting multiple copies?
Each night we auto-regenerate our lists from our records of active student accounts. The lists are created using CCIS addresses. If you change your address on our list server, the server’s sync tools may incorrectly re-add your CCIS address to the list a second time. We recommend you forward your mail from this list to a different address by using a Zimbra mail filter with your CCIS account instead.

Can’t send mail to one of these lists?
In the past we had issues with unsolicited email (both from external and internal sources) being sent to these mailing lists so strict controls were put in place to help deal with those problems. Please see our information on sending for a list of those account types that can send mail to our lists.

Any other questions or problems? Please send mail to


Jeffrey Blanchette February 6, 2012 at 8:59 pm

It would be _amazing_ if northeastern stopped spamming all of it’s undergrads with lots of e-mails and no way of telling which are “important” or “required” !!!!

There is no reason for my entire inbox to be filled with reminders, talks, invitations, and other things I may not even qualify for!

Please reconsider this terrible mailing list!

David Blank-Edelman February 6, 2012 at 9:03 pm

Hi Jeffrey-
I’m afraid this is a case of shooting the messenger. We just run the lists we were asked to provide. I would recommend talking to the CCIS administration about your concerns. They are very responsive to student concerns and would appreciate your input.

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