Configuring Windows 7 to Connect to CCIS-Wireless

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KB0012103: Configuring Windows 7 to Connect to CCIS-Wireless

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This howto will show you how to connect to CCIS-Wireless using your MyNEU Credentials.

Setting up the Connection


Click the Wireless Icon in your task bar.


Click on Open Network and Sharing Center.


Click on Manage wireless networks.


Click on Add.


Click on Manually create a network profile.


Type in the following information and select the following settings:
Network name: CCIS-Wireless
Security type: WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption type: AES
Start this connection automatically: Checked

Click Next.

Modifying the Connection Settings


Click on Change connection settings.


Click on the Settings button on the security tab.


Uncheck Validate server certificate and click on the Configure button.


Uncheck Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any) and click OK.


After clicking ok you will be prompted to enter your MyNEU login information, click this chat bubble.


Type in your MyNEU username and password and click OK.


You should now be connected to CCIS-Wireless with stored MyNEU credentials. Please note that you will need to re-input your information if you change your password.


 If you are not able to log in, please make sure you can log into MyNEU. If you are unable to log into MyNEU, please visit the Infocommons in the library for support.

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