Adding an IPP Printer to Mac OSX

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KB0012082: Adding a CCIS Printer to Mac OS X

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This series of steps will show how to add a new IPP printer to Mac OSX.

Adding the printer


Open up Print and Fax from your System Preferences menu and click the “+” as circled above.

Configuring the printer options


Click the “IP” Tab from the top row. Change the protocol to IPP and set the address to “”. The Queue name will be whatever the printer you want print to is named appended to printers/. In the case of renoir, it would be printers/renoir. You can set the Name to whatever you want. Click the combo box as circled to bring up the driver options.

Using a specific driver


Click on “Select a driver to use…” from the combo box.

Select the HP Laserjet Driver


As most of the printers in the building are HP, we select the “HP LaserJet Series PCL 4/5, 1.3” driver by scrolling to it, or using the search box to find it. While you can use drivers specific to the models themselves, some drivers have not correctly supported duplexing from our testing. Select the driver and click Add.

Setting up the optional duplexer


Most printers support duplexing. To enable this option click the check box next to the Duplexer field and click continue.

Printer confirmation


If all went well, the printer should be listed and ready to print.

Duplexing a document


When printing, click the “Two-Sided” checkbox to enable duplexing of the document.

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