Where Is My Print Job?

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Making sure the printer has received your job
If the printer has not printed your job after a few minutes, check the print jobs page located here: http://print.ccs.neu.edu:631/jobs. If your job is not in the queue and you are on a systems managed machine, send mail to systems@ccs.neu.edu. If you are on a personal machine, make sure you have followed our howto instructions for adding a printer completely and that you have authenticated to our community network. If your job is in the queue but not printing, review the steps below for checking on the print status.
Print Status
Print Status Page
If the printer does not appear to be functioning at all, or your job has not printed after a few minutes, the print status page may have information on issues currently affecting that printer. If you find that the issue is not something you can resolve, please send mail to systems and cancel your print job using the instructions provided here: Cancelling your print job.
Out of Paper
Reams of printer paper are in 102, if a printer is out of paper ask the lab proctor for a ream to put into it. If 102 is closed, paper can be requested from the front office in 202.

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