Create a VM on VMware Server

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KB0012090: Create a VM on VMware Server

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Log into the VMware server you wish to create the VM on

Select the Virtual Machine tab then click “Create Virtual Machine

Enter the name for your VM and highlight VHDs to store the VM on a network share.

Click the radio button for the OS you will be running. Then select the appropriate version from the drop down menu. Note not all OS’s are supported

Enter the amount of RAM this VM requires.
Memory is a shared resource. Please be considerate of others.

Select Create a New Virtual Disk

Enter the size Hard Drive this VM requires.
Disk space is a shared resource. Please be considerate of others.

Select Add a Network Adapter

From the drop down menu select which network your VM will be on

Select Use an ISO Image

Click on the Browse button

Click on the ISOs datastore and drill down until you find the OS ISO you wish to use.

Highlight the ISO and click OK

The location of the ISO should now appear in the menu box. Click Next

Select Don’t add a Floppy Drive. Click Next

Select Add a USB Controller. Click Next

Review your settings. Click Finish

Your VM is now ready to start.

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