Accessing Local Files Using Remote Desktop

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KB0012094: Accessing Local Files Using Remote Desktop

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This tutorial will show you how to mount local computer resources, such as Drives and Printers, on a machine using Remote Desktop.

Opening Remote Desktop Connection


Open up the Remote Desktop Connection, usually found in Start > All Programs > Accessories. Click on the Options button.

Configuring Local Resources


Click on the Local Resources tab.

Configuring Local Devices and Resources


If you would like to share your printers with the remote machine, click the Printers checkbox. Click the More button to open up drive options.

Configuring Shared Drives


Click the checkboxes for the drives you want to share with the remote machine. In this example we are sharing the C: drive. Click OK then click Connect to connect to your remote machine.

Accessing Share Drives on Remote Host


After connecting to the remote machine, open up My Computer. The drives you have shared will be available as "<Letter> on <Local Machine>". They are also available as \tsclient<Letter>$ .

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