Mapping Windows Network Shares

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KB0012096: Mapping Windows Network Shares

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Connecting to a Windows Share

This process requires that you already have access to the share that you would like to map. In the case of NUNET shares, you will need to contact the department who owns the share and request that your NUNETaccount username is given permission over it. If the share is on CCIS-WINDOWS, please contact the faculty/staff member who owns the share so they can set up permissions for you.

  1. Open up Windows Explorer by clicking on your start menu and navigating to computer.
  2.  Click on the Map network drive button:
  3.  Select an unused drive letter to map your folder to.  Enter the path to the folder that you would like to connect to.  Make sure you check off “Reconnect at logon” if this is not a one time use share.  If you are mapping a non-CCIS share, make sure you check off “Connect using different credentials”
  4.  If you selected “Connect using different credentials”, type in your domain (or machine name) and your username.  Examples could be NUNETjoe.random and HOMEPCjoe .  Select “Remember my credentials” if you would like to avoid getting prompted every time you connect to the share for a password.
  5. Hit ok and the share should now be mapped!

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