Unable to Log into Windows

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KB0012100: Unable to Log into Windows

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These instructions assume that you have an active CCIS account and that you have the ability to log into Linux machines at the college. If you are unable to log into any of our resources, please visit https://my.ccs.neu.edu to initiate a password reset or forgotten username request.

Why am I unable to log into a Windows machine when I can log into other CCIS Resources?

Behind the scenes, there is a process that synchronizes your LDAP (Linux) password to Active Directory (Windows). Sometimes this can fail, but it is really easy to fix!

How do I fix this?
Visit https://my.ccs.neu.edu and log into our account management system. One of the thing our portal does when you log in, is that it makes sure that your AD and LDAP passwords are sync’d. Once you have successfully logged in your Windows password should be all set.

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