Windows Teaching Lab Guidelines

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Windows machines can be accessed using either NUNET or CCIS-WINDOWS credentials.  There is a guest account which is local to each machine, but this information is only provided when requested.

CCIS-WINDOWS accounts are preferred and should always be used over NUNET or guest accounts.  NUNET should be used over the guest account.

CCIS-WINDOWS accounts are sync’d with a user’s CCIS account.  If a user cannot log in using their CCIS-WINDOWS account, they will need to change their password from a Linux machine to re-sync their passwords.

For students, NUNET accounts are sync’d with their MyNEU passwords, if they don’t know there password they will need to visit Infocommons to reset it.

For faculty, NUNET accounts are not synced with your MyNEU password.  You will need to visit infocommons for a password reset if you forget it.

Data Storage
A CCIS-WINDOWS account mounts a users home directory as their My Documents folder.  Their Desktop is also within that share.  As long as the user is not over quota (and it shouldn’t let them save if they are), files saved to the Desktop or My Documents folder are saved to our network storage and also backed up.

NUNET and guest accounts use a local profile on the machine.  This data is not backed up anywhere.  The integrity of the data on the machine cannot be guaranteed after the user logs out.  Files should be saved to MyFiles or to a USB key when the user is finished working on them.

Opening Microsoft Documents
Users on Windows lab machines must save Documents downloaded from the web to their Desktop or My Documents folder before opening them.  If a user opens a file directly from the browser, a temp version of the document will be opened.  In many cases, the temp version will allow the user to write to the file and save it, but because it was a temporary file it will not be easy to retrieve or use again.  If a user has opened a file from the web and worked on it, they must choose Save As and save it to their Desktop or My Documents folder.

Requests for software to be installed onto the lab machines should be sent to systems 3 weeks before the start of the semester.  This gives us ample time to test and deploy it to the labs prior to classes starting.  There is no guarantee of a time frame for software installation after the semester has started, though we will do our best to deploy it if it is required for a course.

Lab Machine Usage
Lab machines should not be moved, they are placed in a specific way to maximize the amount of space available for students to work on their projects.  While we understand the benefits that can come from a multi monitor setup, monitors should not be moved between machines as that can create a situation where a student will end up with a headless machine that they cannot use.  Networking cables should not be unplugged from the machines either as that will make them unusable.

Report any problems with lab machines to systems so we can get them fixed in a timely manner.

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