How to sign up for a CCIS account

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To request a CCIS account, you must submit an application for one. To do so you may:

  • Browse to and click the “Apply for an account” link in the upper left. Alternatively you may browse to the kiosk page(which collects a bunch of links and information in one place) at:
  • If you are on campus / in WVH and do not have access to a browser, you may bring up the above by logging in to one one of the linux lab machines in 102 with the username “account” and the password “account.”

Please be sure to provide a valid email address, as this is what we will use as a point of contact for you. Also, while filling out the form, if you are a student, please be sure to provide a valid NUID – this is what we use to verify your enrollment in the college.  For sponsored accounts, please make sure to provide the CCIS email account of a member of the faculty or staff.

You will also have to agree to our Acceptable Use Policy.

If you do not apply via the website, we can not create your account!

Once you have completed the above process, if we have confirmation from the registrar of your enrollment, you should receive a confirmation email and a link(valid for a limited time) that may be used to set your password – generally within a few minutes.  In the case of no data, we will hold your requested username and the account in queue for up to two weeks.

NOTE: We generally receive the necessary data from the registrar within a few days of a term beginning, so if you are a new student we likely will not have this data until shortly before classes begin and you thus may need to reapply at the start of the term.

My password reset link expired, what do?

Simply follow the instructions for a standard password reset.

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